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Please note we have just installed a second Internet leased line. Delivery of faxes are faster than ever!

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Why is this service free?

We have a share call agreement with Telkom, so the person sending the fax pays for the fax like they normaly do. Then Telkom just gives us our sharecall proffit.

Faxnow was founded on the principle that we would be a different kind of company to do business with - focusing on the customer, not just technology. This principle manifested in our leadership team, who coined the phrase Fanatical

Support to describe our unique philosophy that guides us to go above and beyond our customers' expectations. Starting with the MD, Faxnow leaders embody the strengths that ensure we deliver on our promise.

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1. If you apply now, you will recieve your FREE fax2email number in 2 seconds (Free fax2email)

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3. You can also send faxes via your PC

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4. We have upgraded our support system to LiveHelp. Instant support!

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